Breeding of top quality GP Showhorses!

Helsingius Stables & Dreams has more then 30 years of skills in breeding and  competiton

Our succesfull breeding has given us outstanding results in:

Gothenburg Horse Show CSI*****-  London-Olympia CSI*****-  Stuttgart-German Masters CSI*****-Stockholm Horse Show CSI***- Copenhagen-Nations Cup CSI****-Poznan-Nations Cup CSI****-Gut Ising CSI***-Heidenheim GP*** and more..

Our breeding goes trough generations of tophorses, many of them from GP Showjumping

we breed, educate and sell tophorses for Internationell Showjumping in Europa and USA.

Visit us at  Widtsköfle Herrgård 1167 Svalöv-Sweden


Contact; Niklas Helsingius: +46721950090

Helsingius Stables & Dreams VAT: SE780524495601* Widtsköfle Herrgård *Svalöv*Sweden


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